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5 Bachelorette Party Favors You Need

The best occasion for the wedding is on the horizon: the bachelorette party. It’s a night or even a weekend filled with exceptionally fun activities with no work, no kids, and certainly no boys.

In order to have the absolute best bachelorette party, however, you will need the absolute best bachelorette party favors. They add extra pizazz, fun, and even convenience to the event.

We know that weddings can be expensive and any added expense can be worrisome, but party favors for a bachelorette don’t have to be. At Samantha Margaret, we specialize in offering our clients affordable party favors delivered right to their door, so they can focus more on the party and less on the favors.

But what are the five most important bachelorette party favors you need for your bachelorette? Let’s have a look.

1.  Stemless Wine Cups

Bachelorette parties are basically meant for drinking wine with your girls, right? In doing so, you’ll of course need the best cups to drink from. Having a regular wine glass with a stem, however, can be much easier to break. In comes our stemless wine cups.

These cups are conveniently stemless and made of durable plastic, greatly diminishing the possibility of breakage or even injuring yourself (or others) with broken glass. Plus, they have the cutest writing options, including “bride,” “bride tribe,” “cheers,” “I do crew,” and “bride’s babes.” The attractive script comes in the colors gold and pink.

These washable and sturdy 16-ounce stemless wine cups are convenient for travel as well, so the bride and her tribe can enjoy wine from anywhere during the bachelorette festivities!

2.  Stainless Steel Coffee Tumblers

After all that wine, coffee the following morning while continuing on with the bachelorette activities is mandatory. That’s where our coffee tumblers come in. These “bride” and “bride tribe” tumblers are made from stainless steel, are leak proof, and have three color options: pink, white, and black.

These 16-ounce coffee tumblers make drinking coffee on-the-go easy, cute, and flawless during a bachelorette party so you can focus on enjoying the day rather than focusing on your exhaustion!

3.  Party Shades

Since most bachelorette parties require some sort of outdoor activities, you will certainly want something to save your eyes from the blistering sun. Sunglasses to the rescue! Our sunglasses are set at the inviting price of $3.95 per pair and are mandatory bachelorette party favors. For the bride tribe, we have a few colors available: pink, turquoise, black, and neon pink. The bride gets just one color option: white, of course!

These colorful and eye-catching sunglasses also have the classic “bride” or “bride tribe” in script on the temples. Our party shades are a must-have for any bachelorette, but can also be saved and used on other occasions, even during the wedding itself!

4.  Makeup Bags and Totes

While out on the town for any bachelorette party, everyone in the bride tribe will want to look her best. Therefore, makeup is an undoubtedly necessary part of it. Why not place them in adorable and matching makeup bags?

We have various makeup bag options to best suit the soon-to-be bride and her posse. They all come in canvas and faux leather, but offer various color and print options. The color options are pink, black, turquoise, grey, and blush pink. The phrase possibilities are similar to the stemless wine cups, such as “bride,” “I do crew,” “bride’s babes,” and more.

Will makeup bags simply not be enough for you? Try out makeup totes instead to fit anything and everything conveniently in one easy-to-carry place. Anywhere from the beach to the winery, these comfortable totes will assist any bachelorette-goer lug around makeup and nearly everything else she will need!

5.    Hair Ties

At one point or another, someone will need to tie their long hair back. It’s inevitable. Accessorize your hair with matching and durable hair ties with quaint designs! We have three available options for hair ties, each one coming with three different ties.

Each set of three has attractive colors and even an adorable quote on each package. This cardboard packaging can be a keepsake or recycled after doing its duty. The bride’s hair tie package of three is only $1.95, while the bride tribes’ are $2.49. These hair ties are as trustworthy and reliable as the bridesmaids and bride themselves!

Although these are our top 5 bachelorette party favors, we offer a variety of other great party favors for bachelorettes and other wedding-related festivities, like water bottles, six-bottle wine tote bags, and even wholesale items. No matter what party favors you choose to have for your bachelorette party, be sure to include stemless wine cups, coffee tumblers, sunglasses, makeup bags, and hair ties. With these, you’ll be able to enjoy your bachelorette party to the fullest!