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6 Cute Ways to Personalize Bridesmaid Tote Bags

In case you didn’t realize, your bachelorette party is just around the corner (of course you realized; who are we kidding?)! So much has already gone into the planning: the festivities, the drinks, the food, the accommodations, the drinks… Did we already say that?

There is still one special task that you must accomplish well before you assume you have finished preparing for the bachelorette party: preparing the girls’ gifts!

Whether you are the bride or the maid of honor, you should gift all the girls with something extra special. Providing them gifts isn’t particularly necessary, but it will be extremely kind to do and will even assist in unifying the bride tribe then and at the wedding!

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, it’s time to talk bridesmaid gifts. There are lots of awesome bridesmaid gifts you could give, but today, we’ll be exclusively looking at bridesmaid tote bags.

These tote bags may not sound like much, but we promise they are far more than you might assume. There are plenty of reasons why bridesmaid tote bags can be such crucial elements to any bachelorette party, from adding convenience to your party to being the perfect wedding emergency kits!

While these bags are always appreciated, personalizing each one to coincide with its gift receiver adds that special touch that will make a huge difference! So, without further ado, let’s look at six cute ways to personalize bridesmaid tote bags!

1.Embroider Their First Name or Initial
One of the most classic ways to personalize these bags is by adding your bridesmaid’s first name or initial on each one. We recommend embroidery if the bag is of the right material in order to increase its longevity and overall appearance. Not only that but having their names on these bags will make them less likely to lose or mix them up after that winery tour!

2.Embroider Decorative Elements and Slogans

Aside from your bridesmaids’ first name or initial, you could also add other decorative embroidered elements! This could vary depending on what you think would look best. This option could be a bouquet of flowers (even one that you will have at the wedding), your specific wedding date, or other cute and applicable slogans!

These slogans could be anything like bride tribe, I do crew, bridesmaid, bachelorette party, dream team, etc. You could really have a lot of fun with this! Hint, hint: if you like these cute phrases, we have these already embroidered on our very own low-cost, high-quality bridesmaid bags!

3.Add a Thoughtfully-Colored Ribbon
A fast yet adorable way of adding personalization to these bags is by tying a ribbon to the base of one handle! However, when doing so, you should use carefully selected ribbons. Opt for those ribbons that are wider to create a unique accented look. You can choose whichever type of ribbon looks best, such as satin, lace, grosgrain, velvet-- whichever speaks to you!

We also believe that the color really matters for these ribbons. You can either make the ribbons match each specific bridesmaid’s favorite color or match the color scheme of your wedding! Either way, it adds a special touch to each bag that is thoughtful, kind, and adorable!

Oh, and if possible, tie the ribbons into bows! Because, after all, these are gifts! If that doesn’t fit well because you may have larger tote bags, however, simply tie it at the base of a handle (as mentioned above) and just let the ribbon daintily dangle on the side of the bag!

4.Add a Picture or Several Pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Why not take advantage of this idea and put a picture or even a collage of pictures on your tote bags? These pictures can be specific to each and every one of the bridesmaids or it can be all of the bride tribe, such as a picture of you all together at brunch or wedding planning. You could even use baby pictures or pictures from when you all were younger!

When using a picture or pictures on these bags, you will add a massive amount of love, thoughtfulness, and personalized care to each bag. Who wouldn’t love that?

5.Clip on a Keychain
We all know that keychains typically belong on a set of keys, but these pieces can also make for a cute decorative element on nearly any handbag! Simply clip it onto the base of one of the handles and an instantly cute feature has been successfully added!

You can’t go wrong with nearly any keychain that you include on these tote bags. They can be anything you’d like: they can be uniform for all bags or they can specifically cater to each bridesmaid individually! It can be from a vacation you took with each gal pal, their specific name, their favorite flower, or even a keychain that is raunchy (a “phallic” keychain for a bachelorette party is never a bad idea!).

6.Clip or Tie On Party Favors
Who doesn’t love a cute feature that doubles as a functional one?! You can really get creative with this option. You could tie on a whistle for easy access to it throughout the bachelorette festivities. You could also tie on adorable hair ties so, in case they lose theirs (come on: there’s at least a 100% chance they will!), they have an extra one right by their side, ready to go.

What about a cute lanyard that doubles as a wine glass holder (yes, those do exist!)? You could tie those around the base of one handle to add a small element of pizzazz and practicality. You could even tie a small scarf or ascot around the handle, making for a cute and stylish part for the bag and for your girls! These could really come in handy at the beach, on boats, or really anywhere you go!

Bridesmaid tote bags are classic and easy bridesmaid gifts that your ladies will undoubtedly love and appreciate-- just like they do you! If you feel you don’t have enough time to personalize your own tote bags, we have plenty of those and other bachelorette party favors available for you. Now get ready for the best bachelorette party of your life!