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7 Bridesmaid Gifts to Really WOW Your Girls

Your wedding date is drawing nearer and nearer. As the soon-to-be bride, you’re feeling excited and are filled with anticipation. However, before you get to your beautiful wedding day, you will need to accomplish countless tasks, one of which is getting your bridesmaids individual gifts.

Planning your own wedding is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating yet stressful times of your life. That is why you have your wedding party, specifically your bridesmaids; they are there to help you best accomplish the seemingly infinite amount of tasks you need to complete to have a flawless wedding day.

Your bridesmaids will do a lot for you during your wedding planning. Not only will they be assisting you with numerous tasks, but they will also spend a good deal of time and money on your wedding, bachelorette party, and other such gatherings and events.

That’s where giving your girlfriends bridesmaid gifts comes into play. These personalized gifts are important to commemorate your unique relationships with each one of your bridesmaids while also showing your sincerest appreciation for their support, hard work, and participation in your wedding planning.

As a rule of thumb, you should strive to give your girls these gifts one to two months prior to your wedding. This is because you don’t want to procrastinate it to the end, as you’ll have enough to do the month before your actual wedding date. You should also aim to spend $75 to $150 on each bridesmaid, but you should spend a bit more for the maid of honor.

As a bride, we know that you are constantly busy, but investing in bridesmaid gifts should not be a task you miss. So, we have considered your time and compiled a list of seven great ideas for bridesmaid gifts for your convenience!

1.  Jewelry

One of the most classic gifts you can give your bridesmaids is jewelry. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the fanciest jewelry options. You can purchase great pieces within the gift budget of $75-$150.

Some great examples are necklaces and/or bracelets that perfectly commemorate the wedding (a “tie the knot” necklace) or an option that has an expertly engraved monogram works well, too.

When purchasing jewelry for your bridesmaids, a great idea to keep in mind is to ensure that it’s a piece that they will each wear. For example, if she wears necklaces, purchasing a necklace for her would be a great and promising option, but if another bridesmaid prefers bracelets, get her a bracelet. The gifts should be thoughtful and personally selected, after all!

2.  Gift Box

One of the most popular options for bridesmaid gifts is a gift box. This is always a great choice because you can personalize it for each and every bridesmaid. Plus, you can add several pieces!

You can place more expensive gifts inside, such as a necklace or a pair of earrings, or some that are less expensive, like wine tumblers, hair ties, and wine or champagne glasses. It would also go a long way if you include at least one gift inside that is themed for the bridesmaid. They’re fun, festive, and practical!

You can also pair up the more expensive options with inexpensive ones. For example, your gift box could have a necklace within it alongside a cute personalized notecard, a bridesmaid wine glass, and a small candle.

3.  Pampering Set

Who doesn’t love an at-home spa box? This is definitely an excellent gift option for your bridesmaids. We are all stressed in our daily lives and deserve to decompress and pamper ourselves. Therefore, giving your girls a self-pampering set is an easy and fun way to recognize their efforts.

You can create your own pampering sets by including items such as:

  • Face masks
  • Loofah
  • Hand scrubs
  • Lotions
  • Foot masks
  • Bath bombs
  • Eye-cooling masks
  • Candles
  • Robes
  • Slippers
  • Fuzzy socks

The possibilities are endless! It’s important, though, that you include parts that they will be more inclined to use. For example, if she doesn’t have a bathtub in her home, don’t include a bath bomb!

4.  Spa Treatment

On the note of pampering, you could potentially even gift your bridesmaids with gift cards to their favorite spa! That way, they can be professionally pampered whenever it is convenient for them. After all the added stress of the wedding and their daily lives, they certainly would love and deserve that!

5.  Jewelry/Keepsake Box

Another great and practical gift would be a jewelry box. These have a variety of looks and designs, but we recommend those that double as keepsake boxes. This is because these tend to be transparent, as they’re made of glass, and could even have personalized engravings on them.

Plus, these jewelry boxes that are also keepsake boxes can be outstanding decorative pieces for the home. It can also hold keepsakes from your wedding-- or any other personal items they would like to display!

6.  Framed Photo

You can really never go wrong with a framed photo. Within an ornate frame, you could include a picture of you and your bridesmaid. This photo could be of something recent or something from a long past event. The choice is yours!

You could also add a note within the frame, if there is room, for an extra personalization to each one. It’ll be a beautiful memory and household decoration for years to come.

7.  Champagne or Wine and Bridesmaid Glass

You can never go wrong with gifting your close friend/family member with champagne or wine! Not only could you give them a nice bottle of champagne or wine, but you can also add in a nice and appropriately-themed glass with it.

An added luxury of this option is that they can enjoy their new bottle of champagne or wine bottle by themselves or with you! They can also take the glass to your bachelorette party so that everyone is matching throughout the fun festivities!

There are just seven exciting bridesmaid gifts that are sure to “wow” your bridesmaids, but this is of course not an exhaustive list. Be sure to browse all of our offerings, as we have plenty of fun bachelorette and wedding party favors for you to choose from!