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Bridesmaids, Follow These Dos and Don’ts for the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

That’s right, team bride: the bachelorette party is on the horizon. Whether you are the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, you’re excited for one of the best parties of your life! No matter where the location is or how long you’ll be there, it will undoubtedly be a time full of laughs, love, and bubbly champagne!

However, before you pop those bottles, you need to properly plan everything out, from accommodations to party favors. That is why we have compiled this list of “dos” and “don’ts” for any bachelorette party.

The “Dos” of Bachelorette Parties
First and foremost, we have to dive into the things you should be doing before and during the bachelorette party." These “dos” will help make sure the girls are all ready for the most important "do" of all: the "I do."

Do: Find Out What the Bride Wants to Do
Always remember that this day is all about the bride! That is why it’s so important that you talk with her about what she wants from her bachelorette party. Does she want to fly to Miami for a bachelorette weekend of wild festivities? Or does she want to enjoy some relaxed and laidback local winery-hopping?

Every bride is different and expects different things from her party, so be sure she gets what she wants and not just what the bridesmaids want!

Do: Discuss with the Bridesmaids about Budgeting
Once you know what the bride wants, it’s time to start planning, and a vital part of that process is budgeting. Ultimately, the bride shouldn’t be paying for practically anything. That is why the bridesmaids should get together to discuss what costs they are okay with spending and are able to properly meet.

Remember to talk about accommodations, flights (if any), activities, food, drinks, favors, gifts for the bride (if applicable), cab rides and/or car/limo rentals, bachelorette party decorations, and any other things that might come up.

Do: Plan the Party Well in Advance and Thoroughly
It’s important that you don’t wait to plan the bachelorette party. You should have the bachelorette party at least a month and, at max, four months before the big day.

Therefore, as the bridesmaids and maid of honor, make sure that the bachelorette party falls in that range and everything is planned well in advance. That way, everyone can take advantage of deals, like airline tickets, and that everything is properly booked and ready to go, like the Airbnb and must-do activities.

Do: Decide Who Will Bring Those Extra Special Bachelorette Gift Bags

Adding bachelorette gift bags into the mix is highly recommended in order to ensure everyone is properly and individually recognized for their efforts and time! Not only that, but these gift bags can properly provide everyone with matching party favors and other practical elements for the party.

Bachelorette gift bags are specifically for the bachelorette partygoers and are typically prepared by the maid of honor, but can be done by anyone in the wedding party (as long as they are comfortable with it). These gift bags should include items such as wine tumblers, hair ties, champagne cups, tote bags, makeup bags, and other highly-practical objects for the party!

Be sure to get some bachelorette party favor ideas by looking at our list of what to include in bachelorette gift bags before putting them all together!

Do: Take Lots of Photos!
Is it even a bachelorette party if you don’t take photos? Be sure to take a lot of photos for the perfect keepsakes for the bride especially but for all the girls, too! Take photos from beginning to end, but be sure to take them in excellent quality. You could even take this a step further and include a cool polaroid camera for physical photo evidence, not only digital photos!

The “Don’ts” of Bachelorette Parties
And now for the just-as-important “don’ts” that all bachelorette partygoers should adhere to so that the party is far more “fun” than “bust!”

Don’t: Complain about Costs
While on this beautiful trip, make sure to not complain about the costs– and especially not in front of the bride. She will undoubtedly feel annoyed and even upset by how much of a “burden” she has seemed to have placed on your shoulders. She already has enough to worry about with her undoubtedly stressful wedding planning, so the last thing you want to do is overwhelm her.

Don’t: Wander off or Leave the Group
While wandering off or leaving your group of friends may be somewhat okay on normal nights out, this is not the case during the bachelorette party. Stay with the crew. Otherwise, they will worry about you, try desperately to locate you, and/or simply miss your presence!

Don’t: Allow the Bride to Pay
When it’s your friend’s birthday, you wouldn’t allow her to pay for her dinner or drinks. That’s the same case here. Simply don’t let her pay for her dinners and drinks (at the very least). Discuss with the bridesmaids about other items she shouldn’t pay for and that you all would be comfortable with covering for her.

Don’t: Pressure the Bride
This is the bride’s weekend. While the bridesmaids should most certainly have a great time and enjoy themselves, make sure that you are doing what the bride is doing first. Never pressure her into doing something that she doesn’t want to do.

Don’t: Make the Day all about You
On that note, this cannot be said enough: do not make the bachelorette party about you! It is about the bride! Focus on her, pay attention to her needs (fill up her cup when it’s empty!), and take care of her when she needs it. Do what she wants to do. She is the star– make sure she always feels that way.


Don’t: Get Too Sloppy or Cause Drama
While it is of course highly recommended to drink all the wine, champagne, and other yummy drinks, be sure to check in with yourself often so that you aren’t getting too sloppy. You shouldn’t have the bride or someone else take care of you if you drink too much because that could take away from the party and make it end prematurely.

Also, be sure to not cause any drama. We all can get a bit overdramatic when we drink too much sometimes, but be extra careful during the bachelorette party to not be so. Save the drama and focus on the fun instead!

Now that you know the “dos” and “don’ts” of bachelorette parties, go and have the most fun! For all your bachelorette gift bags and party favor needs, we’ll be here for you. Send us an email at shopsamanthamargaret@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Have fun, girly!