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How to Shop for Bachelorette Party Favors

With the wedding day getting closer and closer, it is becoming increasingly important to get everything together for all of the events leading up to it. Before we can make it to the wedding, there is one special event we want to enjoy to the fullest. That is the bachelorette party. It is the moment when all of the members of your bridal party can get together to celebrate the big day ahead and commemorate what this change signifies in your life. It is a special time for you and your loved ones, so let's do everything we can to make it absolutely special, down to every last detail. That includes the bachelorette party favors and goodie bags. You want to pick out some great, super cute items ahead of time to give to your lovely bridesmaids as a small token of appreciation for all they've done. When shopping for these party favors, you want to know what you are getting yourself into and what your options are to make sure you get it right since you only have the one chance. Your friends at Samantha Margaret are here to help make the decision making and shopping experience a little easier for you. Let's break this down and have some fun looking at our options.

Why Purchase Party Favors?

We should start off with the basics and first discuss why you might want to purchase bachelorette party favors in the first place. After all, in the midst of all these wedding expenses, everything you are budgeting for needs to have a purpose. So this leads us to wonder what is the purpose of buying favors for the bachelorette party. For one thing, bachelorette party favors are a good way to show your gratitude towards the members of your bridal party who have done so much for you throughout the wedding planning time period and even before that as people you love and trust. Getting all of these fun little items for everyone involved is a nice gesture that anyone can appreciate. When you consider the amount that they had to spend to be a part of the event with you, leading up to the wedding.

You want the bachelorette party to be fun and exciting for everyone in the bridal party, and having some super cute party favors can help with that. They add to the excitement of the event and make the party all the more enjoyable in the moment. Having great party favors shows some love to your bridesmaids and adds to the whole experience leading up the wedding when the entire wedding season will be complete. It brings everyone together right before the wedding for a relaxed party that is not for the whole family and guest list, but instead for a select group of family and friends who get to share this experience with you so closely.

Just to make it easier on the wedding budget, bachelorette party favors do not have to be expensive at all. After everything that you had to rent or buy for the big day, the last thing you would want is another big ticket expense. Thankfully you do not have to spend too much to get some nice party favors. Adding everything up can lead to a pretty affordable number as long as you know where to look and what you are getting. With a reasonable amount set aside, you can get your bridesmaids some fun little gifts that contribute to the experience overall, making it feel extra special, and show your love for them.

What to Shop for

By now you might have already made up your mind that you want to purchase some fun bachelorette party gifts, but you are not sure how to go about buying them. That's perfectly understandable at this point. You are still figuring things out and deciding what you want for so many other aspects of your wedding, it may not be at the forefront of your mind, though it is something you want to do right. At Samantha Margaret, we have quite a bit of experience in wedding party supplies and preparing people for their nuptials, so we can offer you some of our expertise in shopping for bachelorette party favors. Let's go over what you will generally want to consider when picking out your own party favors.

Before you start to consider exact items to put into your goodie bags, you will want to settle on the type of gifts you want to give. We often see these gifts get divided into two categories: gifts meant for the party and gifts meant for use after the bachelorette weekend. Gifts meant for the party itself are intended to be more fun and silly. They are there to contribute to the party and help everyone to have a good time.

Gifts meant for use after the party are supposed to be more practical so they can be used and enjoyed long after the wedding has come and gone. They serve as a nice reminder of the day and bring back memories of the wedding when everyone got together to celebrate this meaningful event. There are some gift ideas that fall in between these two categories as sort of a hybrid because they are fun for the party, but can still be used afterwards as well. These items will normally feature cute little phrases like "team bride" or "bride tribe" to signify the event and shout out the bride, since it is all for her.

These designs highlight the event, while still looking cute enough to use on any other day in the year. You can give any of these types of products out to your bridesmaids right at the start of the bachelorette party when everyone is together so that they can use them for the party and whenever else they want to during the bachelorette weekend.

Examples of Fun Party Favors

You know we couldn't just send you off to pick up some bachelorette party favors without giving you specific examples of party favor ideas. Here are a few items you might want to consider grabbing and adding together as a fun goodie bag of party favors for your bridal party. Everything is perfectly designed around the occasion, so you can count on everything to be on theme for the wedding bells. You can mix and match items, pick out a few, or get them all to create your own personalized gift bags.

Makeup & Tote Bags

To start off creating your own bachelorette goodie bags, you should think about the bag itself. You do not have to place all of your party favors in a single use gift box, when you can turn the bag into a part of the gift as well. Shop for a cute canvas tote bag with "bride tribe" written across the front in gold cursive lettering for a simple, yet stylish gift. It is super practical, since everyone could use a good, high-quality tote bag in their lives that they can use and reuse constantly. It also makes the perfect gift bag for all of the other items you plan on giving. You can toss everything else into your cute, on theme tote bags and get the party off to a great start. One of the items you might want to include inside is a makeup bag. This is another super-practical gift that can be used for a wide range of things beyond makeup. It is the perfect storage place for toiletries or small jewelry collections. These two items will get the ball rolling and set your bridesmaids up for some great, thoughtful gifts.

Bride Silicone Pink and Clear Wine Cups by Silipint - Samantha Margaret


You can celebrate your upcoming nuptials with a drink in your new bridal themed party cups. These are great for using during or after the party with anything your ladies plan on drinking. We have quite a few options of bachelorette party cups at Samantha Margaret, so you can pick out the ones that best speak to your crew. From coffee cups and mason jars to party cups and champagne flutes, you can find the exact sorts of designs you want for the party and beyond. Our durable cups are cute perfectly on theme for the occasion so they fit in perfectly with the festivities and more.


Another fun item to give as bachelorette party favors is a pair of themed sunglasses. These are perfect for wearing during the bachelorette weekend, especially if you are having a summer wedding and are spending a lot of time outdoors. The subtle design of these sunnies makes them transition smoothly after the wedding so you can still use them on a daily basis without looking like you are wearing costume or party sunglasses. They make a great little add-in to your goodie bags that are perfect to use during and after the party.

Smaller Accessories

After you have considered all of the larger items in your bachelorette goodie bags, you will want to look for some cute accessories that are smaller to fill out the gift bag. These items are great because they are so easy to just add to cart and throw into the bag as another little treat. They are generally pretty affordable too, so you do not have to worry about making a big purchase that has to be done for all of your bridesmaids. These fun, affordable items are often great for long-term use as well, like the other items we recommended here as well, so your bridesmaids can get use out of them even a year from now. For these sorts of items, you can have a good time picking out things individually and adding them on top of the larger items you have. These smaller accessories could include things like hair ties or phone grips. These are small and simple items that people genuinely appreciate having around when they need them.

If you are a member of the bridal party or another family member, you might want to give the bride a gift before the wedding to help with all of the events and expenses leading up to the special day. The bride will definitely be grateful to receive any extra support in getting everything together including all of the smaller details that are easy to overlook up until the last minute. A gift card to Samantha Margaret could be a pretty exciting gift to the bride since it will help her to get some smaller items to improve the bachelorette party and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. With a gift card, the bride can pick out the exact bachelorette party gifts she would like for her bridesmaids and for the party itself. If you think your bride will love and appreciate this as a gift leading up to the wedding, you will want to check that out. We have a couple options for gift card amounts, so you can choose the best one for your price point.

Even if you are unsure right now of what exact items you want to include in your bachelorette party goodie bags, you at least have a good idea of what some of your options are and what is a good starting point for shopping around. We do our best at Samantha Margaret to make everything as easy and intuitive as possible for you so that you do not have one more worry on your mind leading up to the wedding. Take your time exploring our offerings and imagining what could be in your bachelorette goodie bags that will get your loyal bridesmaids excited to see. And of course, feel free to ask us about any of our products, what it is like shopping with us, and for any recommendations you might need if you are having trouble narrowing down your options. We are always happy to help people out during this special time in their lives and to play any sort of role in making it more magical for them. So raise your “bride tribe” wine glasses up high and enjoy the moment, because it is all yours.