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The best guide to the perfect wedding toast

“Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the wonderful couple!” As everyone raises their glasses in toast to the newly-weds, you can smile, feeling pleased with yourself, knowing that you hit all the important points in your speech. 

Being tasked with the wonderful privilege of delivering a wedding speech can be a nerve wracking experience. There are so many things to consider, and it could be challenging, especially if public speaking is not your forte. 

Wedding toasts should be memorable, funny, sweet or a combination of all three. However, it’s easy for it to take a turn if you’re not quite sure of what to write. Luckily, wedding speeches are not a new concept and hence several templates have been developed over the years to help you write the perfect toast!

Wedding Toast template

  1. Provide an introduction - Start by congratulating the couple on this huge step! A wedding is a momentous occasion, so give attention to that. Give a brief (yet entertaining) introduction of who you are to the couple and why you were chosen to deliver this speech. 
  2. Take them down memory lane - Talk about the first time the couple met. If you were there, give a bird's eye view of it. Was there instant fireworks and chemistry, or did they gradually fall in love? If you weren’t there and only know about their first meeting second hand, recall the story in as much detail as you can. Give your input and your thoughts too, and make it fun! 
  3. Tell a story - Decide on a theme when writing your speech. This theme will help you to keep a certain flow, even as it relates to the story you decide to share. Make sure the anecdote falls into one of the categories of sweet, humorous, or unforgettable.
  4. Avoid inside jokes - The issue about inside jokes is that only those who know the history will understand them. Though it may have been hilarious at the time, inside jokes will fall flat in a crowd of persons that won’t be able to relate. You also want to avoid any jokes that may come off as a roast or take jabs at the couple! 
  5. Wish the couple well - Close out your speech by inviting the guests to raise their glasses in toast to the newly-weds. Wish the couple a long, happy marriage, cheers glasses together and take a sip. 


Here are some additional tips to remember when giving your toast. 

  1. Start by writing things down. No matter how small, it will all come together or help you pull the entire speech together. The key is to start. Many of us wait around for a burst of inspiration and miss the opportunity to just gather, then sort to find the gems.
  2. Remember to address both partners. If you are in a position where you only know one of the partners, don’t ignore the other spouse. Find a way to include them both in your toast. 
  3. Keep it short and spicy. Toasting for fifteen minutes may sound like a short time in your head, but in actuality your toast should be between 3- 5 minutes maximum. Expound on two main points, keep it entertaining and close. 
  4. Practice, practice, practice! The last thing you want is to be fumbling over your words because you forgot what you wrote. Delivering such an important speech is nerve wrecking enough on its own. Try as much as possible to minimize anything that could cause additional anxiety. 
  5.  Last, but certainly not least, have fun! Two people you love are getting married! This is a joyous occasion, so keep it light and have fun!