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Tropical Paradise vs. Buffalo Island

Vieques, PR
This lush island feels so remote that time stops but you don’t even need a passport to plan a tropical bachelorette weekend. From San Juan, hop on a ferry or take the world’s shortest flight to Vieques. You’ll have to rent a four-wheel drive car to explore some of the secluded beaches. From Black beach to Glass beach, there are 23 beaches to explore.  For that quintessential island feel, head to the boardwalk down in Esperanza where colorful, open air cafes serve fresh seafood and delicious drinks. For an otherworldly experience, book a night tour of the bioluminescent bay, where the water glows from microorganisms. 
Catalina Island, California 
Just a 30-minute ferry ride from LA, this island has a white sandy beach, potent tropical drinks, and golf carts. This island an ideal haven to booze up because cars are heavily restricted and you can virtually walk everywhere. Start your day early zip lining from the hilltops down to Descanso Beach Club, where you can lounge in a cabana or under a palm tree, sipping their signature frozen drink, Buffalo Milk. Next head to Luau Larry’s for a massive tiki drink with a hat to match. Be sure to schedule a Jeep tour to haul you inland to spot wildlife, like buffalo, among epic views.